I’m an independent, I consider myself a conservationist and I am concerned about global warming. Is it man-made? Maybe, Maybe not. Global warming happened a thousand ago as evidenced by the Vikings in Greenland. That event was pre-fossil fuel. It could not have been man-made. Period. End of discussion. Stick a fork in it.

People, like Al Gore, are making a lot of money pushing their own view and agenda on global warming. Why? Money? Fame? Even the Sierra Club is making statements like “the changes that are currently underway are unlike anything that has been seen before”. Again why? Money? Ignorance? Also, Why is the debate being stifled and those that have an opposing view demonized? Money? Control?

I’m not a scientist. I am not a climatologist. I am just an average Joe that thinks there could be a logic problem in focusing on fossil fuels. Yes, a thousand years ago wasn’t caused by humans, so it’s not a huge logical jump to say that right now might not be caused by humans.

Think about it.