The Joe’s Rant Platform

Government – The government is limited by the constitution and it’s amendments. Let’s keep it that way.

National Security – All for it. A good defense is a strong offense.

Economy –  A free market is the best answer.

Financial Crisis/Bailouts – Just say no. The rant on the Financial Crisis.

Budget/Deficits – Does the phrase, “live within your means”  ring a bell.

Taxes –  Taxes need to be low, simple and fair.

Energy – I think it’s wise to explore all the alternatives.

Environment/Conservation – Let’s setup an easy way for people to give land to that state or federal government for parks or non-development. The rant on Global Warming.

Immigration – Immigration is the bedrock of the United States and what makes us great.

National Language – We should have a common language.  However, having that language should not be a punishment.

Crime – First and foremost the criminal system should be focused on punishment then rehabilitation.

Abortion – One of the purposes of government is to protect the innocent. Abortion’s should be illegal and only allowed if the physical health of the mother is at risk. The rant on Abortion

Death Penalty – The government should not have an institutionalized way of killing it’s citizens.

Marriage – The government should not be involved in the affairs between two people. The rant on Marriage and the State

Gay Marriage – see marriage.

Gun Control – The second amendment seems pretty clear to me. The rant on the Second Amendment.

Social Security – We need to phase social security out and leave it to the individual.

Health Care – The federal government needs to stay out of the business.

Education – The federal government should get out of the business. The rant on Education.

Drugs – They are bad for you but we need to decriminalize the use of them.

Tort Reform – Needs overhauled now