The relativity that I’m going to rant about today is not that which Einstein made famous but instead what liberals and secular humanists have been aggressively pushing for more than a century.

Is the house red?

“Truth is relative” is the positive mantra of the movement or the more common and negative “There is no absolute truth” with the latter usually being used by atheists to directly challenge religious belief. What does the “Truth is relative” mean? Well, it’s relative to who you ask.

My definition would be the situation or the eventual outcome dictates the inherent truth.

In their world, there is no black and white, only gray. Abortion is sometimes ok. Killing school children is a means to an end. Society dictates morality and law by the majority’s whim. They have a mistaken belief that this makes them open-minded.

The house is red.

Science (were you expecting me to say religion?) is the search for truth. The fundamental purpose is to find and then understand the principles that shape our universe. The law of gravity is either true or not. The theory of general relativity is either true or not. The search for a unified theory is a search for absolutes, for black and white.

Humans are complicated. Our actions are a sum of our experiences and desires. Even with that, we still know what is wrong. It is wrong to steal. It is wrong to lie. It is wrong to commit adultery. It is wrong to murder. If there are no absolutes, how do we know what is right and wrong?

We know because there is an absolute and before the relativists get all worked up, I make no claim that I know what is absolute truth only that it exists.

The house is red, I think.

Think about it.