That’s the question isn’t it? Why do so many Americans vote against Republican candidates?

The reasons are many but the following three are the most important.

Tell me again the differences between a Democrat and a Republican? They both want to take my money (although for different reasons) and they both want to tell me how to live my life. The Republicans need to get clear separation from the Democrats on basic issues – Lower taxes, Smaller government, Personal responsibility, Individual freedom, Strong national defense and State’s rights.  Don’t give lip service to it. Believe it. Live it. Start with these fundamental issues and sell it! The american voter is a customer.  The Republican party needs to explain why they have a better product (ideas) and deliver on that product so they can get repeat customers.

Do the Republicans need to be so close to the evangelical right? Gay marriage, school prayer and family values are not the most important issues on the average American’s mind. It’s time to distance themselves from the authoritarian wing of the evangelical right.  Why are we even talking about gay marriage?  Why is the government involved in straight marriage? They are only distractions from the core issues that will alienate a growing base of libertarians and moderates that may or may not agree with the issues personally but definitely don’t want the government telling them what to do!

Where are the great candidates? The Republicans need orators. Candidates that can inspire the base and explain the differences in clear, concise language. A modern day version would be Daniel Hannon, but the classic example was Ronald Reagan. He  was the last great orator for the republican party.  He mixed that everyman quality with brains and a sense a humor.

The time is now for the Republicans to regain their focus and get back to the basics.

Think about it.